Boardroom Integrates DAO Treasuries via MultiSafe Finance
June 10th, 2021

Boardroom has integrated with MultiSafe to bring transparency, access, and readability to DAO treasuries on our governance portal

For the past few months, we have been working with the MultiSafe Finance team to integrate Gnosis Safe information for projects onboarded to the Boardroom Portal. We are thrilled to share that anyone can now review treasury balances, activity, and payment details for DAOs directly on a project's dashboard. Some initial example integrations include Compound Grants, Bankless DAO, Synthetix DAO, amongst others.

The new treasury tab, found under every project in the portal, will enable DAO communities to maximize transparency by displaying real-time balance, flows, and transaction information originating from the project's default multisig. The feature:

  • Directly integrates with any Gnosis Safe
  • Displays transaction recipient and approval details
  • Enables team and contributor categorization via the MultiSafe admin dashboard

As the DAO ecosystem continues to grow in diversity and use cases, we recognized that stakeholders at the core of these digital ecosystems are coordinating around two main decision vectors: Capital and Talent allocation. Treasury management and payroll distributions are two of the most common types of decisions that DAO members make. Boardroom Treasury information, enabled by our integration with MultiSafe, will help distributed organizations make those decisions more efficiently and effectively.

In particular, we feel it's important to contextualize these transactions by eventually relating them back to the governance votes that made them possible, as well as the discussions that brought them about. By categorizing the transactions by 'Teams' and 'Contributors', we're able to create granular filters that help parties - both internal and external to the DAO - understand who is getting paid, and why.

How It Works

Any project that has already onboarded to the Boardroom Portal will be prompted to sign up for MultiSafe and import their Gnosis Safe in order to unlock the Treasury tab. Simply follow the instructions in the documentation and you're all set!

If your project is not onboarded to the Portal but uses a Gnosis Safe to manage its treasury, you can follow these instructions to begin the integration process.

Looking Forward

We'll continue to link fragmented areas of DAO operations and management moving forward, with a focus on treasury distributions as a primary execution step post governance vote.

  • Proposals can be linked to specific transactions directly on the interface.
  • As smaller, 'sub-DAOs' proliferate and service larger treasuries, we can map the relationships and transaction history between them.
  • As MultiSafe extends its functionality, governance could start weighing in on more granular asset allocation, accounting, and payroll decisions with less friction via the Boardroom portal.

Feel free to reach out with questions on our Discord or Landing Page anytime, we're here to help!

About Boardroom

Boardroom facilitates simple and transparent stakeholder oversight and management of DAOs - distributed organisations and protocols.
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About MultiSafe

MultiSafe aims to simplify crypto treasury management for Companies & DAOs - built using Gnosis Safe, IPFS & Filecoin.
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