Introducing the Boardroom Governance Scribe Program

Boardroom is a management platform built for DAOs, helping their members frictionlessly participate in their governance. Our mission is to make coordination more efficient and effective for crypto communities.

As part of that mission, we want to help improve access to basic DAO information.

Members Suffer from Information Overload

Access to and curation of DAO information is crucial to ensure effective participation by all types of community members and stakeholders. The rapid proliferation of DAOs has unlocked myriad experiments with novel coordination and decision-making mechanisms, but fragmentation and the sheer volume of information and content have created immense friction for participants and potential voters trying to contextualize a decision made by a DAO:

This means that we're not yet fully taking advantage of the lessons learned from this explosion of governance experimentation.

As a DAO aggregator platform, Boardroom sits in the middle of this multidisciplinary ecosystem. We feel that we can coordinate a program that creates and curates clear and digestible information, guides, and on-ramps for DAO participants, enabling them to make more informed decisions without devoting drastic amounts of their time.

✍️ Introducing the Governance Scribe Program

As the first step of this process, we're launching the Governance Scribe program - a meta-community of individuals dedicated to improving the governance of their respective DAOs through education, curation, and process-oriented collaboration.

Governance Scribes will become:

  • Contributors to Boardroom's Mirror publication, where they'll earn bounties for publishing onboarding guides and governance explainers.
  • Reviewers to Boardroom's open-source 'Project Information' repository on Github, where they'll be able to approve pull requests that update their DAO's Governance Portal page.
  • Members of a private Discord channel where they can collaborate with other Scribes on governance best practices and more.

Scribes will have a special marking on their Voter Profile in the Boardroom Governance Portal and will be eligible to receive bounty rewards for their work as described below. We believe Scribes will bring immense value to the DAOs they're a part of and should be rewarded accordingly.

What Governance Scribes Will Do

Governance Scribes will create, coordinate, and curate crucial information on their DAO's governance for their fellow community members.

The goal is to help onboard DAO members to their DAO's governance process and equip them with the resources to participate effectively.

Below are examples of the types of content we think Scribes should start with to accomplish that goal, but we look forward to seeing how this mission evolves over time:

Weekly Updates

Keeping up with the goings-on of governance is hard. This is the core of the DAO information problem.

Regular updates on what's happening in a DAO's governance are immensely helpful for potential voters who are not able to keep up themselves. As such, one of the main roles of Governance Scribes will be to create summaries of a DAO's governance activity.

Scribes will have creative control as to how best to package these updates. Indeed, we hope that Scribes collaborate to learn from one another to figure out how to best keep their DAOs abreast of their governance.

"How To" Explainers

Governance Guides will help DAO members learn how to participate in discussions, engage the community, delegate votes, vote on proposals, and propose changes.

At Boardroom, we're excited to see what Scribes create to help onboard new and passive members and ensure their DAO's governance thrives.

Governance Guides

When you visit a DAO's page on the Boardroom Governance Dashboard, the first thing you see is the Overview section. Scribes will be in charge of writing and maintaining this information, which describes the DAO's governance design and process.

Calendar Events

Currently, it's nearly impossible to keep up with a DAO governance proposal's start and end dates, not to mention community calls and other important events.

Boardroom's Calendar feature is designed to solve this problem. Our Public API automatically pulls the start and end dates of governance proposals, i.e. a DAO calendar's "hard inputs."

Scribes will be in charge of making sure their DAO's calendar is up to date with the "soft inputs" like community calls, live governance discussions or debates, and more.

Apply Below!

If you've been looking for ways to get involved in a DAO, then you should consider applying to becoming a Governance Scribe. We're seeking governance enthusiasts, aspiring delegates, and folks who want to dip their toes in the ecosystem.

If any of the above descriptions apply to you, then we encourage you to apply to join a community of like-minded individuals that will help one another explore the evolving DAO governance ecosystem.

If you're interested, apply here: Typeform

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