Boardroom Platform Adds Support for Governor Alpha, Bravo Projects

Featuring a case study of Instadapp's governance portal on Boardroom

Boardroom's mission is to make governance more efficient and effective for cryptonetworks and DAOs, which we believe represent a revolution in organizational design that will uproot traditional management and ownership structures.

Over the past 12 months, the number of DAOs has increased dramatically, growing alongside and underpinning the DeFi and NFT booms that have made waves in mainstream culture. More important than simply the quantity of DAOs, the sophistication, and importance of DAOs has accelerated as well. The aggregate value of DAO treasuries reached a peak of $16.5 billion in May 2021, growing from just a few hundred million dollars at the beginning of 2020. Moreover, many DAOs have begun to develop and experiment with novel operational structures as they pay contributors, align incentives of various stakeholders, and pioneer the future of work.

This growth has been powered by DAO members, who have both the privilege and responsibility to participate in the democratic governance of these open organizations. As of July 13, 2021, 39,491 voters have participated in DAO governance, casting a total of 136,557 ballots on 5,330 proposals across the ecosystem.

However, the growth of DAOs over the past 12 months has not been uniform; there are several emergent governance frameworks and smart contract designs, from Moloch DAOs to Snapshot-based governance to custom governance implementations forked from projects like Compound and AAVE. In addition, a disparate ecosystem of tools has cropped up to serve DAOs' needs to communicate internally, safely disburse funds, and more.

The Boardroom Governance portal, powered by Boardroom's API, is a governance framework-agnostic interface that provides DAOs and their members with the tools they need to make better decisions and accomplish their goals. No matter the governance framework DAOs elect to use, Boardroom's platform is designed to standardize common actions like voting and delegation and enable DAO members to easily participate in distributed governance.

That is why we are excited to announce that Boardroom now supports projects using Compound's Governor Alpha and Governor Bravo, among the most popular DAO governance frameworks in use today.

Instadapp, Gitcoin DAO, Fei Protocol, Inverse Finance, PoolTogether and more are now live on Boardroom.

If you're a member of these DAOs and want to fill out missing information on the Overview or Calendar page(s), follow these instructions.

Highlighting Instadapp Governance

To showcase the governance portal, below is a brief case study featuring how individuals can use Boardroom to participate in Instadapp governance, which recently launched their governance token $INST.


View a summary of Instadapp, its governance process, and other relevant participation stats on the Instadapp Overview page.

Proposals Page

Check out a list of current and past governance proposals and dive deeper into the details and results of individual proposals.


Vote on proposals by connecting your wallet and selecting manual delegation.


Alternatively, you can delegate your voting power to others after checking out a list of delegate profiles and their vote history.

If you're involved with a DAO using Compound Governor Alpha or Bravo (or a modified fork thereof) and are interested in adding Boardroom to your project's toolbox, join our Discord to learn more.

Also, be sure to visit to check out our full feature set, which we're adding to every week, including:

  • The Boardroom DAO Screener featuring ecosystem level data on DAO treasuries and governance activity.

  • Our Treasury integration with Multisafe allows projects using a Gnosis Mult-Sig to review treasury balances, activity, and payment details directly in the Boardroom Portal.

  • The My Dashboard page, which shows individuals' voting history, upcoming votes, and more.

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